TKDK Projects

TKDK projects, also known as turnkey projects, are a type of engineering project in which a company is responsible for designing, building, and delivering a completed facility or structure to the client. This type of project is known as a "turnkey" project because the company is responsible for delivering the project "ready to use" - that is, with all of the necessary systems, equipment, and furnishings installed and ready to go.

Mobi Mühendislik is a leading engineering company based in Yozgat, with expertise in the design and construction of TKDK projects. Our team of experienced professionals can help you create a functional and attractive facility or structure, with all of the systems, equipment, and furnishings that you need, delivered ready to use.

The first step in a TKDK project is to understand the needs and goals of the client. This involves working closely with the client to determine their specific requirements, including the size and layout of the facility, the systems and equipment that will be needed, and any special features or requirements. The design team will also need to consider any site-specific factors, such as the local climate, the type of soil, and any zoning or building regulations that may apply.

Once the design team has a clear understanding of the client's needs and goals, they can begin to create the design for the project. This involves using specialized software to create a 3D model of the facility, which can be used to visualize the structure from all angles and to make any necessary changes or refinements to the design. The design will also include detailed drawings and specifications that outline the size, shape, and materials of each structural element, as well